Ariane sewing

Ariane takes great pride in well-fitting garments, ones that make you feel comfortable in your own skin - which is why she LOVES to make custom garments especially to your unique body.

That being said, we do offer ready to order stock, with most of our stock garments being made with our holographic stretch fabric. This fabric has 4 way stretch which means that it shapes itself around the curves of your body beautifully. As we use so many different fabrics we try hard to adjust the fit of patterns to ensure that a S/M/L etc all stay as true to size as possible

Our stock garments are sold in the following sizes:


XS - AU 6-8

S - AU 8-10

M - AU 10-12

L - AU 12-14

XL - AU 14-16


Sizing coming soon - when we launch our ready to wear stock! Please enter your details into our mailing list to be the first to know when this will be!