Welcoming Independent Designer HellyDee to the Sparkle Gang

Evolution - it seems to be the theme for 2020 regardless of if we like it or not. 

I imagine life this week has been very different from the world you knew 3 months ago, it certainly has for me - for a start, how many Zoom calls have you done in the last 7 days (on an app you hadn't heard of previously!).

During the times of Covid-19 I have been asked a few times (told, even) that I should be making masks - and it quite simply has not been within my current capacity. That said, it has been something that has been on my mind... So, it is with great excitement that I am able to offer you the new collection launched by HellyDee. 

HellyDee is an independent Melbourne creative, working from her home studio. Covid times have meant that the life she is living has changed, with her full-time work on pause she has found herself back at the sewing machine and inspired to create.

Originally learning her sewing knowledge via working with her father in his auto upholstery business - working in the studio with him learning the art of pattern making and working in 3D - along with how to use those incredibly fast industrial machines. Then back in 2016, when Ariane Bingham Sparkles was first finding its feet she came and inturned with me for a while - helping to create custom orders. She learned different skills and built upon what she had already begun with her father. She was a delight to have around and always brought an extra sparkle to the studio by being there with me 

HellyDee takes her inspiration from many areas - most notably from the steam-punk era through to a feminine boho touch. More recently HellyDee took some time away from Melbourne - traveling through Berlin, Germany to Belgrade, Serbia and has noted that this journey has definitely inspired her creativity and filled her with fresh inspiration

The new collection consists of 9 designs (currently), ranging from Plain (perfect for regular washing - and can even be purchased in a bundle) through to more decorative ones including hand-cut leather feathers and lace. She favours hand-finishing her items with studs and eyelets - a definitive reference to the work that she spent time doing with her father 

All of the designs are Unisex, with the fit of them being carefully considered. They curve around the bridge of your nose and scoop to ensure they are comfortable on your cheek. Each one has a metal wire at the bridge of the nose so that you can shape the mask to your face - this is great for ensuring a close fit, and also for preventing your glasses steaming up (if you wear them that is!). 

HellyDee has told me that she intends to continue to create - so watch this space for new items being added to her collection - but for now, please take a look at the brand new full collection, and continue to support Independent Creatives by purchasing one (or a few!) of her designs.

Any listed as in-stock will be mailed out to you ASAP, any that say 'Made to order' will be dispatched to you once made - which is within 7 days. If you have any questions at all please let me know

With thanks and Sparkles as always

Ariane xx 



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